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A Bun-believable new special burger!

Here at Haché we love a little bit of spice, which is why we're super excited to bring you our new burger special, in collaboration with our sister brand, Cabana!

:The Spicy Malagueta Chicken Burger

Just in time for barbecue season, this flavour-packed burger gives you a taste of what Cabana does best: flame grilled barbecue dishes with a Latin American accent.

So, what's inside the Spicy Malagueta Chicken Burger? 

- Cabana's signature Spicy Malagueta marinaded chicken breast

- Malagueta mayo

- Plantain chips- Avocado

- Rocket, red onion + tomato

- Our uber-fresh Sally Clarke brioche bun, topped with a padron pepper

The Spicy Malagueta Chicken Burger lands in Haché on 27th May and is here until the 7th July - get yours before it flies back to Brasil!


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